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Bonus guide: Additional scripts

Difficulty: easy

The following scripts were created by RobClark56 and help getting a better system overview.

As user “admin”, download the scripts, make them executable and copy them to the global bin folder.


$ cd /home/admin/download/
$ wget
$ chmod +x lnbalance
$ sudo cp lnbalance /usr/local/bin
$ cd
$ lnbalance


$ cd /home/admin/download/
$ wget
$ chmod +x lnchannels
$ sudo cp lnchannels /usr/local/bin
$ cd
$ lnchannels


Aliases are shortcuts for commands that can save time and make it easier to execute common and frequent commands. The following aliases do not display information in a fancy way, but they make it easier to execute commands.

– Testnet
  • Logged in as Admin, open the .bashrc file in nano > sudo nano /home/admin/.bashrc
  • Add the following lines to the end of the .bashrc file
    alias lndstatus='sudo journalctl -f -u lnd'
    alias bitcoindstatus='sudo tail -f /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/testnet3/debug.log'
    alias unlock='lncli unlock'
    alias newaddress='lncli --network=testnet newaddress np2wkh'
    alias txns='lncli --network=testnet listchaintxns'
    alias getinfo='lncli --network=testnet getinfo'
    alias walletbalance='lncli --network=testnet walletbalance'
    alias peers='lncli --network=testnet listpeers'
    alias channels='lncli --network=testnet listchannels'
    alias channelbalance='lncli --network=testnet channelbalance'
    alias pendingchannels='lncli --network=testnet pendingchannels'
    alias openchannel='lncli --etwork=testnet openchannel'
    alias connect='lncli --network=testnet connect'
    alias payinvoice='lncli --network=testnet payinvoice'
    alias addinvoice='lncli --network=testnet addinvoice'
  • Execute a source command to register changes to the .bashrc file > source /home/admin/.bashrc
– Mainnet

When switching to mainnet, follow the Testnet section but removing all instances of –network=testnet from the code.

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