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Bonus guide: Zap Desktop Lightning Wallet

Difficulty: easy

The desktop app Zap ( is a cross platform Lightning Network wallet focused on user experience and ease of use.

Download Zap for your operating sytem:
Install instructions:

Preparation on the Pi

  • Allow connections to the RaspiBolt from your own network (the netmask /16 restricts access to all computers with an ip address of 192.168..).
    $ sudo nano /home/bitcoin/.lnd/lnd.conf

    Add the following lines to the section [Application Options]:

  • Delete the tls.cert file and restart LND to recreate it.
    $ sudo rm /home/bitcoin/.lnd/tls.*
    $ sudo systemctl restart lnd
  • Copy the new tls.cert to the user “admin”.
    $ sudo cp /home/bitcoin/.lnd/tls.cert /home/admin/.lnd
  • Unlock the LND wallet.
    $ lncli unlock
  • Allow the UFW firewall to listen on 10009 from the LAN, restart and check it.
    $ sudo ufw allow from to any port 10009 comment 'allow LND grpc from local LAN'
    $ sudo ufw enable 
    $ sudo ufw status

Connect Zap Desktop with a Connection String

We will connect Zap to the RaspiBolt using a connection string that includes the connection and authentication information. This option is available starting with Zap 0.4.0 beta.

On the Pi:

  • Install LndConnect:
    $ cd /tmp
    $ wget
    $ sudo tar -xvf lndconnect-linux-armv7-v0.1.0.tar.gz --strip=1 -C /usr/local/bin
  • Generate the Connection String
    $ sudo lndconnect --lnddir=/home/admin/.lnd -i -j

    Copy the resulting text starting with lndconnect://...

Configure Zap:

  • Start Zap on your desktop
  • Create a new wallet
  • Choose the Connect to your node option
    Zap welcome screen
  • Paste the Connection String generated with LndConnect
  • Confirm and Connect
  • Confirm the settings on the following screen and you are done! Zap Desktop wallet

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